IS&C Values

IDEAS: We believe in freedom of inquiry and in preservation and communication of knowledge. We are pleased to be working in a university committed to patient investigation, reasoned discussion and continued reference to evidence. We intend to do our part to see that UCSB is a place where ideas are welcomed, examined, exchanged and respected.

PEOPLE: We appreciate the differing backgrounds, goals and perspectives of people. We also recognize the need to provide staff members with continuing opportunities for personal development such as training classes, conferences, varied work assignments and opportunities to work with people who have different skill sets.

SERVICE: As a service enterprise, we provide services others depend upon to carry out their activities. Therefore, we strive to minimize surprises, both positive and negative, because they interfere with the ability of our clients to plan their own pursuits. To make the tools and systems we support work in ways our clients expect we must negotiate mutually realistic expectations, work hard to make our estimates and commitments come true and communicate any unavoidable changes in time, cost and function as soon as we learn of them.

SIMPLICITY: Although the services we provide are often complex, we recognize that unnecessary complexity retards understanding. Therefore, we try to make all communications as straight-forward as possible. We also listen. Although we think of ourselves as experts, we know that our clients understand their own activities better than we do and we need their help in matching information technology services to their tasks.

EFFICIENCY: We strive to use resources efficiently, while recognizing that our institution correctly encourages a pluralistic approach to its programs. There are frequently many ways to do things. Our purpose is to support an environment calculated to bring about desired characteristics in students and to facilitate scholarly endeavors. Consequently, it is appropriate for us to do things in exemplary ways and efficiency is but one of the values we must demonstrate. Further, we must willingly take the time necessary to show people that we have evaluated alternatives, thought about consequences, made intelligent choices, attended to priorities, and allocated our time, resources and opportunities fairly.


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